5700XT overclock/undervolt help

So I have my 6x RX 5700XT build that’s almost put together. (Power supply hasn’t showed up yet)

I can find all kinds of videos and stuff about OC/UV, but being a noob in that regard, none of them seem to tell you where to start. Do I bump core voltage first? Drop the mV first? What type of increments do I need to start with?

If anyone knows of a detailed step by step guide or could offer me some help, I’d really appreciate it. I’d like to set off my first rig on a long and prosperous journey.

that is a difficult question, since you have too many variables

  1. the algorithm decides whether you need more MEM or CoreClock. on ETH its mostly MEM, not core, on RVN its a mix of both
  2. all manufacturers like ASUS, MSI, EVGA… use a differently clocked core, even though they use the same 5700XT chip
  3. your cooling does greatly effect how far you can go
  4. software like Afterburner … they all use different methods to setup the clocks or voltage

a) I always bump up the MEM clock first until I see no improvement on the hashrate (in 50 MHz steps) always watch the MemTemp !
b) then you can lower the Core-clock or voltage to drop the power consumption

on my 2x ASUS TUF 5700 XT I use MSI Afterburner (not the best method) and here are my settings
ETH - PowerLimit -35%, Core Clock 2100MHz (standard ASUS), MEM Clock 1850MHz
that gives me - 53.5MHs at 160W, CoreTemp 50 C, MEMTemp 78 C on each card

hope that helps to make the first step
just start somewhere and keep the goal in mind, max Hashrate at the least amount of power consumption and Temp

At https://www.kryptex.org/en/hardware/amd-rx-5700-xt is a detailed step by step and what Hashrate you can expect for different coins)

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Ok, so using Adrenaline, with no bios modding (scared to try lol) i get 53Mhz @ 127W


1400 Core

1860 Mem

this has been a stable setting setup for weeks now.

FYI, my modded 5700xt from Ebay with those settings gets 57.5Mhz @ 98W.

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All of my cards are MSI Mech OC, and cooling is not an issue. I have them in a shed with no heat, plenty of fans and I live in Colorado.

I currently get around 50.6MH/s with Nicehash/Claymore, but I’m hoping to get closer to 55 and maybe use HiveOS.

I’ll play around with it this week and hopefully see about bumping that up. I just didn’t know if I should start with voltage, core or mem first.

Thank you both, I’ll see how it goes and report back!

here is a good step by step video on how to setup your cards from RedPanda Mining