5kw miner- How much will be heat?

Hello :slight_smile:
I just recently are getting into mining and just purchased my first cooler and now on the look for a hydro miner.

what is my concern is, how much of the used electricity goes to the process of mining and how much goes to heat?

At our house we have installations with water and an our main source of heat is from a heat pump (air/water)

Since I’m planing to do a hydro setup, it would be easy to hook up the mining system to a heat exchanger, and thereby use the excess heat to go into our house.

But is it worth it?

Is there any clue about how much of the wattage used for mining that is spilled into excess heat?

Thank u all :slight_smile:

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law of conservation of energy…. So basically all of it.

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So, basically, its a 5KW heater. why? siense

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That’s interesting, cause most hydro miners aren’t profitable, but if we would transfer the heat to our central heating system,that anyways run, it suddenly makes them profitable.

Also we have solar, so in the summer we would run mostly out of solar, and in the winter we would need the heat anyways.


Do you mean you bought a radiator like this one and how much power does it use? Lian Li integrated universal water cooling radiator 4.5KW | Zeus Mining

The radiator itself uses hardly any power, including the pump, although yours will be bigger I wouldn’t stress over it’s power consumption. I have one of these and from memory my wall meter said somewhere between 100-200 watts, i can update you an exact reading later.

You can also use it as a space heater however it is not as silent as they say it is. if you DIY a box like this Quieter Bitcoin Mining - The Upstream Data Black Box - YouTube and more detailed instructions can be found here UpstreamData-DIY-BlackBox · DIY Guide for a BlackBox ASIC enclosure. obviously your miner will not be the same so adjust appropriately but its the same principle of killing the sound. But I imagine transferring the heat to your central heating system will be the most efficient, but just throwing ideas out of what is possible :slight_smile:

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Yep! people do that! great way to make that BTC and make some heat for your house!

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Thank u for your reply :slight_smile:
Yes i just received very simlar one, i Got the 12KW one, just to be sure.

I understand about the spaceheater, But since our house central heating pipe system is so easy accessible, it would be very easy and cheap to hook up a heat exchanger to the system :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I thought I read somewhere they dont recommend using a 8kw one for the hydro miners if the climate temps are above 25 degrees, but I can’t find it for reference, maybe I imagined it :rofl:


Hey mate, any updates with this? Did you hook it up to a heat exchanger? Cheers


Hello mate

Today ive had the Plummer installing the heat exchanger :slight_smile:

Right now our house are running on the miners heat,

Temp on the miner side of the heat exchanger is right now 46,6c inlet, and 43c at the return.

Water temp on the house side inlet is 43,5 and returning is 40,5.




That’s awesome! For context as my house isn’t heated by water, how much power does it typically take? Is this the same efficiency as what it would take to heat your home traditionally? Keep us posted. Cheers


As said it was installed today, so I cannot yet says anything about the yield from it yet, thing is, we prefer to have the water for heating coming in at 45c-
And it means that the water of the miner should be about 50c, this is where it gets critical, cause then the miner would be almost 80-90 (I guess)

When it comes efficiency, the miner is (my best guess 99,9% effective, meaning 1kw power should heat up water equal to 0,99kw, but for the heatpump, it has a COP factor, meaning 1kw of power can change to 2-5kw of heat.
But thing is, the cop factor falls when the outside gets colder, and the miners efficiency(at producing heat) will stay the same.

It’s a interesting experiment, only thing I can say for sure, the heat transferee to our pipes is better than the heat vaporized into the air :raised_hands:t4: