6 x RX 5700XT mining rig keeps hard crashing, NEED HELP

Hi everyone,

I am a new member here, I got a mining rig less than a month ago, has 6 5700XT GPUs with a 1200W PSU, I am mining through awesome miner on phoenix miner. My OC settings are as follows:

Vclock 1400

Mclock 1800

fanmin 35%

Voltage both initially at 800 but then increased to 900 as I thought I wasn’t getting enough power to the rigs.

The rig ran no problem last week for about 7 days, then once I had to update windows it has been crashing every 2 hours and I don’t know who to solve it now. I am considering running a batch file on startup that will restart the rig every hour that way I might lose a min an hour but will hopefully have longer uptime than 2 hours as I can’t babysit the rig the whole day and press restart the whole time.

I hope anyone can give me some advice? I have been running anydesk to monitor the rig when I am away but I have to get someone into the house to restart it every day now as it hard crashes every 2 hours.

I have also tried running without wdog, having the following command line:


-wdog 0

  • rmode 2

and the oclock settings from above

Hive OS FTW, i have 10 5700 xt’s they run on autopilot. just above 52mh’s each at around 97 to 103 watts per card. runs on autopilot for me.

i had crashing issues on Windows as well. A lot of it was driver related.

modified straps is all, using red bios editor and more power tool .

i usually run 880 memory but its warm in here today, so running the Big fans and under clocking the memory a little.