$6000 to spend. M2 Pro, GPU's, or something else?

I have $6000 to spend. Which would be the better investment?

  • 2 M2 Pro - LPWAN Crypto Miners
  • 8 x GTX 1660 Super GPU’s (Crypto Caverns)
  • 4 x AMD 6800XT GPU’s (Crypto Caverns)
  • Or something else?

I do not have experience with the GPU’s, but based on some shady tactics undertaken by MXC, I would recommend steering away from buying the M2 Pro’s. From most of the information that you can find online it is beginning to look like their miners are nothing more than part of a pyramid scheme. I, personally, decided to cancel my order after getting major red flags from their centralized monopoly on the project, poor customer service and communication, as well as banning investors/community members from their discord groups when asking legit questions about their moves and the miner technical aspects.

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Dont tell me that!!! I just bit the bullet last night and bought 2 of them.

Amazing what happens within a month. I haven’t been keeping up with them over the past month. After seeing your post, I got online and was quite surprised at what I was hearing/reading. I have requested a refund. Guess we’ll see what happens.

Sorry about the bad news. The good thing, though, is that refunds seem to be happening without much of an issue. I am still waiting to hear from them regarding my refund, but based on what others are saying, it usually takes them a few days to complete that request. So far, this is one of the few good things coming out of the company.

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I bought one, opened it and ordered another. They refunded me my second order, but they need the other one unopened…so ya. I’d put your money somewhere where if you pull your coins you are not penalized!

Yup, that was the reason I pulled out. Crazy I did not hear any of this until literally the day after I made the purchase. now I have to wait 10 days for a refund. Oh well. Win some. lose some.

Hey everyone, I’ve heard about these Chinese farms going under. Where can you buy discounted miners? I’m new to mining and just want to start learning but have no idea what to buy and where to buy it…lol. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!! If anyone wants to talk my cell is 509.431.7910. Thanks guys