$6K budget, free electricity - want to start with 2 cards. What hardware to buy?

Hi guys - I am looking for recommendations on building a rig with 2 cards , that I will eventually upgrade (throughout the next 6 months) to 6+ cards .

My goal is to mine bitcoin . I would like to use linux if possible. I do not plan on gaming with this rig, but that would be a nice option (not a requirement).

I’d like to build this myself, and need recommendations on parts, and software (as I understand it nicehash is easy but not the most profitable).

If the plan is to start out with 2 cards and upgrade to 6+, what frame, motherboard, powersupply, ram, harddrive, and graphics cards do you guys recommend? (did I forget anything?) I want to future proof this build for 6-9 cards , and I am hoping to see an ROI within 6-7 months . I’ve also read that Nvidia has nerf’d a lot of GPU’s and I’d like to avoid those, unless there is a solid workaround available.

I look forward to the responses and plan on buying parts in the next couple of weeks. I can post my journey on here including final cost and eventual profitability. For now my electricity is free btw. Thanks in advance!

You cannot mine BTC with GPUs. However if electricity is free, I would choose the least effective ASIC. There are often models with different versions (like 85, 87 and 90TH) and in that case I would grab the 85TH variant cause it produces less BTC for the same electricity cost - but is cheaper to buy.

Canaan for example is less successful because their ASICs have a lower hash rate with same electricity cost compared to Antminers.

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welp, im a noob ty for the input

i did some research, seems like this is the play: AvalonMiner 1246 – 90T | Canaan


welp, did some more research turns out that’s a scam site, and this is their legit site https://canaan.io

TBH I don’t know where to order ASICs in the US since I bought my directly from Alibaba in China.

Just keep in mind that these devices get pretty loud AND really warm so you have to think about some extra air stream or a two-room system.

i was gonna do that

Just keep in mind that even two of these heat up your space tremendously

yeah i live in a studio apartment right now too, hmm, maybe will need to move lol

I currently have 5 asic miners and 1 gpu. I love the humm of my babies working for me. It is a nice sound. Making good money too. Love that sound.

ok i went full circle and am back to wanting to build a gpu mining rig, i now realize i cannot mine bitcoin, but sounds like ETH is going to be a good idea for another 6-9 months and then alt coins

also sounds like i can make the gpu mining rig last longer than asics, and then have better resale ability if i want to upgrade

good plan, guys??

back to my 6K budget questions … or should i just go to etsy and get a 1 card set up for 5K and start there?? … or does anyone want to give me a reason to not do this and just go back to binary options trading lol

Hold on, 1 GPu for 5k?! Even at the worst of the WORST scalper prices you can get the very most top of the line RTX 3090 for $3k… and again at the worst price an RTX 3080 for $1800 so you should absolutely be able to start with more than one GPU.

I would tell you to troll resale sites for used GPU’s and get 4x RTX 3080’s for between $1300 to $1400 a pop. That’s 5.2k to 5.6k there, then you have between $800 to $400 left for building the rig it’s self. The rig components (a used MB, Ram, SSD, CPU & Fan, then TWO new 750Watt ATX PSU’s, a PSU auto start board, and at least 4x of the Thermaltake 200mm fans from Amazon at $13 a pop should do ya) will likely cost you right around this left over amount if you shop wisely. In all likelihood you will end up building your own ‘rig’ structure but for the hash rate you’ll have it’s a bit of elbow grease well spent.

Now this process takes time and your effort. But at the point you’re up and rolling you will have a 4 GPU setup with INSANE resale value on those cards for at least the next couple of years and a total hash rate of right at 400Mh/s (in Ethereum) while you’re using them for mining. Additionally, as you yourself have already stated, when ETH 2.0 happens you just shift your cards over to other coins.