6X Evoke 5700XT Help

Junction is Core temps, your Memory temps is what I am curious about. Because the Evoke, just like the Asrock Challenger I bought at launch, did not come with memory thermal pads on the back connecting to back plate. Which can cause mem temps to run hot, so you sure that is your memory temps for the GDDR6?

You talking about the TMem in phoenix?

No, so download a program called HWinfo, and install best for your OS (Operating System). Then load “Sensors Only” scroll down, because you will have a lot of system data like (CPU clocks, temps, VRMs, chipset, etc) so go down to GPU section, and look for memory temps in there.

Get the installer one:

Will do that as soon as I get home. Can’t imagine they are running to hot. I’m only using like 20 watts more than my 1660ti’s.

Ok, let us know. Also, again let me know if your interested in possibly getting your cards up to 56 - 58 Mhs, through Mem mod and I will send you some info. Take care, be safe.

Always interested in more having power. Not sure I’m savvy enough to figure it out though and I’m mortified of bricking one of my gpu’s lol