$7 million dollar crypto scam?!

What happens when a company with millions of dollars backing them steals your name, steals your brand, and competes with you directly in your sector of cryptocurrency – here’s how to GRO a scam?! Sub to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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Some people would say this is a $7 million or $250 million dollar crypto scam I would be devastated if someone launched a project stealing my businesses or cryptocurrency or toke coin whatever not only name but even the exact same ticker – a quick google search could have alleviated the issue here but GRO simply defi GRO DAO decided that Growth DeFi and their GRO token did not matter and did not exist so let’s review this crypto scam and which GRO is the real GRO and how one of these GRO tokens should never actually… GRO?!

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00:00 Copycat projects in crypto
02:06 The top google search results for gro
03:17 Search engine results vs the facts
03:41 Analysis of both projects from CoinGekho history
04:09 GRO DAO project features
05:12 GRO DAO token allocation
05:51 GRO DAO seed funding
06:07 The response from Growth DEFI
06:48 Growth DEFI features and products
07:44 My thoughts and conclusion from these two projects

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