700+$ back on Ebay Miner of choice. SOCIAL GOOD

Yeah its really real, 200$ in SGcoin for signing up and 50% back up to 10K 10,000USD 10 STACKS worth of whatever you want but people are going for the miners. (Im the people) So to buy a miner online I pay the 1000.00 1200.00 price as long as its in the SG app and it gives me 600.00USD worth of SG tokens/coin which are trading at .64 last checked.

Cant say no, pluse 200.00$ in tokens for each referral. Yes this is my referral code yes you can google it all, its not a scam. Yes that is what a scammer would say. Due your diligence cause you can buy miners too. [100% Crypto Back on Everyday Shopping / SocialGood App]

Ya but the gas fees on Social Good are crazy

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True, tired it but the gas fees is just nuts. I kept them staking to make sure I cover the gas fees at a later date.

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Yeah its a good program i have a few people signed up under me. Just waiting for the pump back up to $1 a sg again then it will be worth a hell of a lot more.

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Just been staking have not tried to move yet

Anyone notice the big drop in the crypto back today? Trying to get some info to what happened. I hope it comes back. I was loving using it.
But with This drop it’s not worth it….