A bumch of money got deposited in my account with Weth trying to transfer them i cant

So i refreshed my wallet and suddenly i got a huge amount of wrapped ether. Im trying to cash out or move it i cant. Please i need help ill pay big money for who ever can set it free

Scam alert

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Ummm I see scammers are leaking here now…

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Wait, so this discord isn’t scammer free?

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Im not scamming guys i can provide a picture I DONT WANT YOUR MONEY GUYS!!! This thing literally happened i can show you proof of a bunch of polygon wrapped ether got into my wallet i cant get access to it !! I dont want your money or anything i just need help. Infact ill pay you if you help me unwrap it!!!

I swear man not a scammer, i triwd contacting voskcoin on IG and then he dm’d me from another account wich i find fishy im trying to know if its his account as well

I’ve heard of scams like this, they’ll deposit bogus tokens in an effort to gain access to your wallet. Not saying you’re the scammer. But someone here is getting scammed.


The money was around 54,628,929,660$ it ended up being a glitch i contacted the official polygon website and they double checked with me.
Thank you guys