A LOT of Money Making Opportunities on Polygon Matic

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Polygon MATIC is a blossoming blockchain, it was a great alternative to Ethereum but then struggled under the explosive growth but Polygon MATIC continues to develop. Bridging your assets onto this layer-2 solution for ETH using Stargate is quick, cheap, and easy. Today we will look into some of these altcoins and tokens that are rising in TVL total value locked, users, and just simply good growth! We will dig into and review Binance, Quickswap, siren gravity finance angle polycub perp88 GMX and adamant finance among some other crazy crypto dapps and tokens!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 A lot of money-making opportunities are on Matic!
00:50 Tutorials before starting to use any Dapp
02:50 First Project, bridge, bring your coins to Matic
05:59 Second Project, a yield optimizer vault
08:30 Third project, Decentralized markets
09:27 Forth project, Defi exchange, and yield farm
12:48 Mysterium network, make passive income with your bandwidth
13:42 Fifth, over-collateralized decentralized exchange
14:09 Sixth, decentralized exchange
14:20 Seventh, decentralized perpetual exchange
20:50 Polygon Matic Market Cap and statics of the chain
23:40 Should you buy some Polygon?

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A LOT of Money Making Opportunities on Polygon Matic