A newbie in this mining community, need help😊

Hii guys,

Today I joined the vosk community, I have found vosk YouTube very helpful and gained a lot of information.
Currently I am trying make a setup with some asic along a solar system. Here in Europe the energy prices have skyrocketed, insanity high.

I am trying to find affordable asic Miner. And I have crossed Ibelink asic Miner. That seems to be in my budget. But I have noticed a lot of scamer in the crypto community.

What i am asking for is :

  1. The official site for iBeLink, somebody that actually bought directly from them and have received.
    2.Any inputs on a profitable acis(at least 14$ and above ) or coin to mine with a solid future because of the project.
    3.Last what price range the different suggested Asic mine price range I should be in.

Thanks for all your input and support.

Have a create mining Day.

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