A newby needs your help - just few questions for my doubts

Here I am, hello folks!
It’s from Italy that I’m writing to you :slight_smile:
First of all I’d like to apologize but I’ll talk in english cause in the old world it’s not very common to talk in american.

I have just few questions for a newby like me, maybe sb can help me on answering these questions. Please correct me in case you see that I’ve a lack of knowledge on a particular argument.

  1. There’s a website that correctly computes the hashrates of your “project” mining rig and the power consumption? In order to create the best mining rig in terms of cost/power consumption/hashrate generated.

  2. By your experience, are the profitability calculator reliable?

  3. It’s possible to change cryptocoin to “real” coin? If yes where and at which cost?

Thanks for the attention, I’m still full of doubts but these are the most important questions lol.

  1. https://whattomine.com/ or https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator are OK at doing some estimates with.

  2. This is tricky, because the price and difficulty of cryptocurrencies is not static. I think NiceHash tends to report a bit higher profitability than you actually get.

  3. Yes, lots of places. I’m not sure which companies serve Italy specifically, but some exchanges off the top of my head are Coinbase, Gemini, Crypto(.)com, Etoro, or Kraken. There’s definitely more, but you can take a loot at them to see which serves your country. It also depends if your looking to convert to Euros or Italian Lira. All of them charge a fee when you buy or sell crypto, and most charge a fee to withdraw money - but, the exact details vary between business.

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Can I ask you two more questions?

  1. Approximately how long a GPU lasts? It’s an important factor to take into account before investing on cryptocurrency.

  2. How do you recognize that a GPU needs to be replaced? Cause the Hashrate decrease significantly?

basically nhs pay more of reported be calculator

depend how you care about your gpu, how you keep clean of dust,low temperature, properly cooling. it can work 1year can work 10years single gpu. dead gpu can be alot problem, not recognize, 0mhs, lower mhs as be before and more. also not everytime can be gpu fail most fail do raiser before thing gpu dead first need to check or riser is not dead, also can be fans are worn need to be replaced if gpu starting overheat. i use rx580 normal temp 49-52c on very hot days up to 56c i never let go over 56c also clean dust every month

As Asiukas6 said, it depends on card. Usually cards fail very early on if the chips are faulty. Typically they have problems much later on if they aren’t cleaned occasionally or if they are overclocked and burnt out. The part that tends to wear out over time is just the fan, since that’s really the only moving part. The fan failing can cause the board to overheat, which can kill the actual GPU.

If a card fails, it will likely either stop mining, rather than just slow down. If a fan is failing, usually the temperature will be unusually high with the fan trying to run to full power.

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