A11 or Rig with (32) 3060ti

I’m at a crossroads.
I have an order for (32) 3060ti’s that ships out next week from shopblt.com
Do I pre-order an A11 or do I build this 32-card rig (really 3-4 rigs).

The 32-card rig would be around 1920MH and the A11 is projected to be around 2000-2100MH.

Will the A11 be profitable beyond PoS? Will it work with ProgPoW? As I understand it, it would since it’s an 8GB machine.
Long-Term, there is obviously more flexibility with the 32-card setup, but 3 small children and both my wife and I working full time leaves little time for me to get it up and running quickly. Clearly, worst case scenario, PoS happens in 1year. Best case is ProgPoW. And likely scenario, per several sources, is 2 years of mining left.

Cost of the A11 looks to be around $20k delivered in May.
Cost of the 32-card rig is around $18k.
So payback looks equal with regard to time.
The A11 is far easier and almost twice as efficient.
But the long-term use and flexibility from the 32-card rig makes it really attractive.


Well… it depends on what you think your 20K loan to the vendor is worth and what you predict the future difficulty will be. Also, consider that at the earliest the A11 will more likely be shipped in June.

Then again, GPUs can be a major headache.

Gpu’s can mine other coins and have resale value (you can get your money back) The ASIC may only be able to mine ETC after ETH goes to POS and has little resale value.

Oh, Each week or so your GPU vendor is going to push out that order of GPU’s another week or so.
I’ve also ordered from them and have been pushed back with a price increase 4 times already. With the Chinese Lunar Holiday in a few weeks, the factories will shut down and nobody will be getting cards. Amazon will sell you cards at twice the price immediately

You bought GPUs from a clothing store? Interesting click bait that