About goldshell mining equipment sales

I have goldshell products for sale in my eBay store, if you want to know what you need, please feel free to send me a message. The place of delivery is in Shenzhen, China, free postage, I will take pictures of the products you want to see and send them to you. The following are the product models:

hope you guys dont use any Uighur slaves in your company.

China has no slaves

tell that to all the Uighurs that are in “reeducation” camps. and forced to work while in those camps.

what are you saying? You can call the police if you have to.There are no Uyghurs in our company

Silent died, is this a fact, did you not study well in school, is your life just made up of words like this?Give you two white eyes。Don’t try to smear my country, you idiot!Mind your own business! Are you saving a lot? Are you living a happy life?

ill forgive you because english is not your first language, but what you just said is nonsense. however genocide and enslavement is everyone’s business to stop. i know that your government watches what you say and how you interact. and if you dont say things like that you maybe punished. but just keep it in mind and please find any way that you can, to help those people.

I also forgive your ignorance of Chinese. If you care so much, come and help,don’t talk nonsense, thank you。You have trampled on my country, what way do you want me to talk to you?

I like pizza


you can buy more to eat

With or without pineapple?

The aged old question.

If people can put weird stuff like zucchini, barbecue sauce, and other crap like that on pizza then pineapple should be perfectly fine

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Works for me ha ha ha

who works for you

The Uyghurs slaves obviously.

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oh please, attacking someone that has no control on what their country does, can’t wait until people start giving their house/land back to the indigenous people that was stolen from them centuries ago, I’m sure you will be the first to do so.

If you don’t live in a peaceful and beautiful country, you won’t be so sour, right? You are so cute hehe

Nice fake pic, lol

Really polite little cutie thank you.lol