About the Ipollo V1 Mini Classic ETC Miner

Is someone out there know about Ipollo V1 Mini Classic ETC Miner , it has a price of $699 with a hash rate of 130Mh/s with 104wallts.
so I was wondering if it is a good deal to buy it for my first mining experience

Depending on you electric rate and when ETH goes POS, it could be a good starting point


for me the electric bill is not a big problem but am worried about the hash rate and when I will get a ROI

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A 3090 will get 120Mh/s - yes watts are higher but at least you could put it on another coin when ETH goes to proof of stake…
Could get one second hand for a more or less similar price as well.

EDIT - Oh it’s on ETC! :smiley:
My bad!

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You had better choose ipollo v1 mini classic plus etc miner, its price would be 999 USD with a hashrate of 280MH/S with 270 WATTs. I mean you pay 300 USD for 150MH. It may be a better deal.
However as I know, ipollo 280MH/S has been sold out in my company since last week.

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I bought the ‘Plus’ model direct from iPollo a few weeks ago. It’s the most profitable mini miner I have (all the Goldshell boxes and the G1 mini).
What I didn’t know when I bought it was the DAG size of ETC and the memory of the V1 mini classic means that it will be useless after Dec 2024 when I bought mine. As the hash rate goes up, this date will get shorter. This date is now April 2024.

So I’m mining as much as I can till it stops and hoping the value of ETC keeps going up like it has so I get an ROI. Once all that ETH hashrate starts looking for something to do that date might get very short.
If you want to stick around that price, based on my earnings over the last 64 days, I’d suggest you look at the G1 Mini (wallets and exchanges are a pain), or Goldshell SC Box.
If you can bump up the budget a little - KD-Box Pro.
None of these units are making what the V1 is making for me - but they will keep working for a long time where the V1 Mini Classic might only have a few months left after the merge and the hashrate all dumps on ETC.
I should have saved up a bit longer to get the V1 Mini (not classic) which has more memory and will last much longer.

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