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Hello I do not understand why KBC has lost so much in value. Mining is no longer worthwhile. Does anyone know why?


Hi Voskcoin

I would like to get some recommendation on some trusted vendors by you for ASIC miner. Also what you think about order an ASIC from Alibaba seller? I’m planning to spend quite a lot of money and I want to make sure where my money goes.


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HOLA. como puedo comprar HELIUM . para espana. gracias

hi Vosk new subscriber , huge fan of you from italy. I am mining with quickminer nice hash 50 mh sec 2060 super 8gb . i was wondering if i can add an external videocard to add more hash power cause my ms creator desktop is new and i dont want to open the case warranty seal. Do you think i have a chance to do something like that? quickminer is going to recognize my second video card? MSi just wrote me that i can add internally a second video card (max 2070 rtx ) but i am concern about my warranty. From your experince what do you advice?

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hi i have a question i read your all of blog.I want to be sure that can i trust this website to order sensecap m1 hotspot for hnt mining https://www.seeedstudio.com

Is this the primary category to communicate major mining setups?

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Hello everyone!

I am new to VoskCoinTalk. I am interested in getting started with Helium mining. Do you all think I am too late to jump in?


never ever to late. i got 2 off ebay that work great. check out hotspotty.com and make sure where you put your miner it will be worthwhile because if there are to many others around, youll still make money just not as much as somewhere else

just check the guys that have a company registred under the same name and make sure that you can send them a message and they do not push you always to buy. ask if u can visit their office no place for excuses

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better go with kadena mining, powerful

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what are you using for kadena mining?

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I order my and still don’t have yet i ben waiting for 6 month is in backorder

I would like to know if helium deploy is a safe company to buy from

hello i have a minner from ak mining i would like to sell KD5 spining for two months im in uk write back whatsapp enclosed +447360503164

hello i have a minner from ak mining i would like to sell +447360503164 whatsapp

Hello, I am really huge fan of you. And I have a question. I’ve got around 10k to invest to start mining . What do you think is best to start mine or what to buy? Thank you

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Hey reach out for L7 !

Hey guys, any thoughts about this?

Have recently stumbled across a project WEIcrypto with an interesting mining algorithm. It works as a cash-back (2% I think) from every purchase/sale you make using their wallet. As I’ve understood it’ll be launched soon.
What do you think about that kind of mining?