About to make HUGE investment

I am just now learning all about mining crypto currency and I gotta say this is the best stuff i’ve ever seen. Im making a life changing decision soon, im getting 145,000$ in 20 more days from inheritance from my father. Im thinking about renting a house and going all out and spending a good 75,000$ - 80,000$ on mining / hardware etc. I feel like this would be the best decision that way i would never have to work again, if anyone has any advice for me starting out feel free to message me, thank you and good luck mining everyone (:

first thing I would do is get a nice solar and wind setup going, then start setting up your mining farm. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself, as you’ll keep your monthly electrical bill low and if power in your area ever goes out, you’ll still be up and running.

right now I’m currently researching wind and solar options for my place.

yea, its going to be very tough to find equipment at the right price to make that sort of income. I got started entirely with a 50,000 budget last year and it got me just short of 6GH. Crypto Journey from start to today! refer here. today 6GH is going to cost you a lot more than that roughly $20/MH is fairly standard that is worth around 120,000 today.

thank you man (: will look into it

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thank you for the information man, i’ll have to look into some good deals, I know theres gotta be something that’s affordable that earns a decent amount of money.

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Sorry for your loss!
Honestly I would do more homework in terms of mining. Renting a house just to mine will just increase your overhead.
There are a lot of factors that are at play if you are looking for freedom.
How old are you? Where do you live? Current spending habits? Overall plan, etc.
145k isn’t much after taxes
I would try to diversify and generate multiple streams of income.