Access to large amounts of free electricity

Greetings all, I’m an electrician and work at a large scale industrial site, where I have access to large amounts of electricity in fully air conditioned rooms which are permanently locked and only I have access to. Huge amount of noise is no issue. Running cost of miners would be $0. Where to start? What miners would yous suggest? Are there miners out there that are normally non profitable due to power consumption? And can I utilised this to my advantage? Is there a large scale ASIC miner(s)that has huge power consumption? Let’s get this bread

You can head over to and that will list them all for ya. Just type 0 in for the power fee. Will list their stats and power needs

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This sounds awesome, if you are not the owner just make sure you get written approval from the owner before you install the miner. Depending on many variables we don’t know you could end up loosing your job or worse if someone where to find out and you didn’t get approval prior. Anyway you’ve got a great opportunity I’d just want to make sure its ok.

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Thank you

Yes luckily I have full permission by the owner as he is my partner in this adventure. The site has a power bill that exceeds well over a million dollars a month, also being 100% renewable energy, we tick a lot boxes to scale fairly large over time

Well in that case I’d be getting a few S19 Pros and a few L7s. That would be incredible if your electricity is free, now you’ll just need to handle the heat.