is it a scam

Does anyone have any thoughts on they are selling on ebay and from their website. The prices seem to good. They say you can pay with paypal or COD

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never seen this before…?

lol I think so

Compare these (read the URLs carefully):

the second website was discussed in this thread - My experience with shows that ackminer website was created yesterday - whois lookup -

ackminer is one letter from akminer. This is likely just a scam.

It is a scam.
they have icons to sites like facebook, etc, but when you click them, they go back to the site.

The way I heard of the website is on ebay. They put the website and phone number on the box and took a picture. Phone number is 669-228-8575. If you google it, you will see a search result for no-longer existing scam site - akminershop

Thanks, you saved me from losing a lot of money. I’m so tired if all the scams.