My experience with

First off I did receive my batch of miners, no I would not use Joyson again.

I ordered 5 Avalon 1246 87TH in May. At that time AK had the fastest available, a July shipment. This batch had free shipping. Joyson did always respond to my emails throughout the process but the miners finally got to him end of Sept, and they were 83TH not 87TH I had waited so long I just excepted them I was loosing to much money. China had a week long holiday and he didn’t ship them until after that. I got my miners Oct 15th when they should have shipped in July.

One big thing that pissed me off, a few months after I ordered akminer listed 1246s for immediate shipping, I asked Joyson and he said they were another batch. He was already late on shipment so I asked him to send those and he wouldn’t.
Between loosing 20TH and 3months I don’t even want to calculate how much I will have lost after holding and running the 5 machines for 4 years.

I would not buy from Joyson again. But he did have great communication and I did get my product… Kind of. I also had to pay duties when this batch clearly said free shipping and other products said shipping and duties not included. This felt a little dishonest but he did declare each package at $200 so I my duties was $289.


Question around the customs duties you had to pay. Was that per device or was the $290ish in total for all 5 machines.