Added another GPU, now computer stops

I was mining with a gaming computer which has a 750w power supply and a PNY 1660 OC GPU. Yesterday I added another 1660 Super. I was overclocking the 1660 +200 when it was by itself, and it ran very smooth. I backed it down to +150, and have not OC then1660 Super, but every 3 or 4 hours my computer doesn’t turn off, but the monitors go off and the computer won’t wake up when I move the mouse. I have to turn off the system and turn it back on. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Start by going into your power settings/advanced power settings in windows and disable any power saving options. Many options will suspend the mouse, monitor or other perifs when not used which can suspend mining. Google "windows power settings for mining’ or something similar and you should find a good description. Another thing to check is the page file size I believe, need to increase in windows.


The power thing was the problem. When my monitors would go off from not being used, they wouldn’t come back on with the 2nd GPU added. I switched the settings to never, and it hasn’t happened since. Thanks for the help!

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I think in your MOBO BIOS you can change what wakes up your computer and you can turn on mouse and keyboard