Advice on ventilation mining in a container

Hey guys so I have 6 miners I will be running on farmland in a 4 X 2 meter container. 3D printing air ducts I’ve already done and cutting holes in the container isn’t an issue because it isn’t a thick steel like a traditional shipping container. What I’m
Not sure about is should I use an exhaust fan to take the air out. I can have the miners at a very short distance like less than half a meter from the wall air duct. I have an air conditioner for the container. I am just concerned because peak summer here in Australia is 40-45 degrees Celsius. I can also run my miners for 22 hours off grid because of my solar and battery setup, but an exhaust fan would cut that down at night. Or would I be able to run an exhaust fan during the day when I have solar and turn it off at night when it’s cooler, would the air still leave fine if the fan isn’t running? Thanks in advance

my advice would be to put it some where it will get a lot of shade, paint it white, and/or use like a cheap canopy/tarp.

the fans on the miners are pretty good, I’d say you wouldn’t need anything extra if your duct is straight (no turns), isnt longer than 2-3ft and has a cross section area slightly larger than the cross section area of the stock fan

running an AC may be futile, especially if its hot outside. You will definitely need an air intake if you plan to exhaust the hot air out. Otherwise you’ll get a vacuum inside the container, which will reduce the efficiency of the heat sinks and under load your fans, which can cause a reduction in their lifespan.

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