Advise needed: considering buying 120 S15

So im pretty new to all this but I have an oppertunity to capitalise on some access to free power at my disposal.

With my current budget i reckon i could afford to purchase 120 Bitmain S15 Antminers from china.

My idea is to setup a mini farm/pool and hook it up to nicehash to generate some passive income.

The nicehash profit calc reckons i could make about $370/day but im skeptical towards the validity of this figure.

Would anyone be able to shed some insite on how good or terrible my idea is thanks :slight_smile:

Rough calculation from
S15 = 28TH/s
x 120 devices = 3360TH/s
Power = $0
Pool Fee = 1%(?)

I guess it depends how cheap you can get the S15s and whether you have a suitable place to do it. You will obviously need many 240VAC PDUs, 3 or 4 rack mounted network switches, multiple intake and exhaust fans and a space where noise and heat aren’t a problem. Imagine the sound of 120 shop vacs running in the same room.

I have a 4000 square foot building with 16 foot high ceilings and a single S17 and a couple GPU rigs heated the entire building through a Minnesota winter last year. You will have some major heat to deal with. There is also the problem of getting over 800 amps of 240VAC power so hopefully you have that covered.

Also, don’t use since their calculators aren’t accurate. I have to ask, who is paying for this much power? Even with a really good industrial rate, it would cost $250-300 per day.