Airdrop Discussion and Updated list of ongoing past/current airdrops

This is a WIKI type post that anyone can edit with the aim of keeping organized an ongoing list of Airdrops that have either to come, happening or past. This will have to a communally up-kept list in the form of a Wiki List that can be added to by anyone. This is completely non structured but adds
as a resource to the Defi Staking channel on Discord

Project Chain Drop Date Link
Uniswap Ethereum 9/1/2020
BadgerDAO Ethereum 12/2/2020
StakeDAO Ethereum 1/20/2021
ForceDAO Ethereum 4/28/2021
Kalmar MetaMask BSC Ongoing snapshots(BNB deposited LP’s/Earn Vault
HEZ Airdrop Ethereum(Gitcoin Round9 donors) 5/4/2021

for all you degens that got exploited on the first drop, tomorrow will be v2 :

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A space to add any airdrops that you my think warrants a look at. Sub questions to the Airdrop links could be answered by anybody. We’ll try and get a Wiki page added so we can add dates and expiration/deadline times. Again this will have to be communally run because I don’t think a single person could keep up with all the info coming out and I imagine will only get busier and deeper… All the Best Degens!!

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We have been looking at this today

You will need to connect to their app using the BSC testnet. You can use this tool to add this to your Metamask:

You can use this tool to get tokens sent to your BSC testnet wallet:

yesssssss THANK YOU for doing this.

  1. join jet discord lending protocol launching on solana, possibility of early bird drop 2. Check out bitgems seems they are launching a gem secondary market soon seems quite lucrative 3. still 3.5% of spookyswap airdrop to be distributed, previous criteria was early lp so it may be late now, but another could be given to those in single sided stake pool, or holders of other ftm protocols. 4 spiritswap is the same as spooky, none of us here use it but still a money making opportunity. 5 any matic/quick hodlers for yield optimization, plus roadmap states an rfi whale token wil be launched q2. any on raydium the media launch opens probs missed stuff out but vosk asked for daily missions so this is my attempt. someone pin this pls
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there was an update to the hermez airdrop

date is now 5/6 with instructions about how to contact support *AFTER the drop has completed via their discord.