(Airdrop) Overline Network- The Blockchain of Blockchains, That is GPU mineable, wireless mineable..... etc

Use my link to claim an extra plot of Oland for free just need to put create an account with your email address. Overline | Decentralizing Connectivity

To be clear this is a shill, I been keeping up with this project for 2 years and I believe in this project because they are trying to push blockchain technology to the next level, They are creating a true decentralized Interopterable POW Blockchain. You can trade BTC for Eth without using a bridge or wrapped token. They are also making this blockchain wireless, making Bitcoin unstopable and able to work with 0 Internet connection. Right now they are airdroping Oland which is their augmented reality metaverse and will be used to generate passive income on their wireless mesh network. I’m only scratching the surface please take the time to research this project they have a podcast on Spotfy and numerous youtube videos.

to be clear and transparent I currently hold:
1000 Overline tokens
42069 Emblems
4 oland nfts
1 ocash

not trying to pump price because I dont plan on selling for 10 years
emblems are tokenized gpus to increase overline minnig rewards and
overline is what will be used to power colaterlized trade and transactions on the network.

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That project has no potential, the 24 trading value is 1,600 dollars, the diluted market cap is 9 million and the current market cap is very low. Keep dreaming kid because their is no potential.

Okay, so let me get this straight because the project does not have artifical volume programed by market maker trading bots and has a low market cap you assume it has no potiental. Did you read the docs, listen to a single podcast, or even look at the website at all?

Because if you would have done any research at all you would have mentioned more then the stats that relate to price. The project isn’t concerned about the price of the token, the tech is the focus… you should look more into them, they own majority of forbes and have a billion-dollar building that is incorporating their technology directly into it, it will also have a NFT-Museum in it.

Before you discredit me about this project publically you need to do more then a quick glance on coinmarket cap or coin geicko.

A website can bullshit all they want. They can say they will do this that but all leads to empty promises. Especially when their is a lack of funding.

It’s a honeypot. Just accept you got scammed and live with it.

again did you look up anything other then what is going on with the price?

It’s still a honeypot at the end of the day

okay. We will see

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floor price $525… now what?

NFT’s are shit, they don’t mean anything. They go from 21 million to 200 dollars. Also, they can ask what they want for it, but don’t mean people will buy it.

Kriz, do you not realize that the land was free so it cost you a total of 0 dollars to get a slot of land and then if you logged on to check your land you recived free rewards to upgrade your land and get a chance at getting a free nft. All for 0$. I did not make this post for feedback or opinions about the project. I made this post to let the community know about a free airdrop.

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