AkMiner legit ? Where to buy asic?

Do you think akminer is a legit website ?

I don’t know where to buy asic k1+ or kd5 …
I’m in Europe and I scared about scam website

Thank you all


No!!! Stay away!!

Nice try. Signing up under a different username lol. Don’t fall for “DREWVOSK”, for he is a scammer.

He is seriously trying to pretend to be the forum founder and promoting himself hahaha

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What a SCAM !

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You know, it says you made the account 2hrs ago.

Wtf? :joy::joy::rofl:

Hi Quentin,

I am Martin, I work for SK Mining, a mining company based in Norway (Europe). We sell iBeLink K1+ machines for reasonable prices with fast delivery.

Since you’re based in Europe, the delivery from our location to yours will take around 1-2 days. Please contact us on sk-mining.com and we’d love to talk with you further, or you can reach out to me on WhatsApp: +47 46 86 00 00

Since this is a big investment for some, we can arrange a video meeting with you and sign contracts so both parties are safe in this transaction.

Please let me know!

so is AKMiner a yes or no? Last I heard I thought they were legit but things can change. I follow them on telegram and they’ve listed some miners that I’ve never saw for sale from somewhere else.

Just never order from Joyson from AKMiner, biggest SCAM I ever had.
-He let me wait 10 months before sending a Maschine….

  • he sent a 8400 MH Model as replacement of the 9500 MH Model he couldn’t deliver after having my 20k $ for a year
  • and he shipped a DEFECTIVE Miner
  • he also refuses to give support or refund the order
  • he said „ask Bitmain for support“ and on the website it say clearly „the RESELLER is responsible…“

Joyson AKMiner = biggest ripoff Scammer

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