Alephium mining speculation thread

We have seen goldshell announce their little 180 watt pocket rocket that’s supposed to make $95 a day. We all know the big boys will be coming to town on this one. I’m going to link the block reward url here and write what I think could be released, none of this is factual, just my opinion and please share your opinions as it will help us all get a more informed opinion. Alephium Block Rewards. An in-depth analysis of the Block… | by Alephium | Medium

Knowing Bitmain likes to kick everyone to the curb, I’m going to assume their efficiency is going to be 50% better and run possibly between 3500-3600 watts, which would put the miner between 10-11T, which would put it roughly $3500 USD per day, but would take 40 miners at that scale to double the network hashrate lol.

What is interesting though, if I am understanding it correctly, is that the block rewards will cut in half by 2/3 when the network reaches 1 EX. this means with the assumptions above, it would take at least 100,000 miners of a 10T scale for the reward reductions to start. There is a time based reward reduction, and also a reward increase and reduction based on network hashrate, something I dont think I fully understand.

This also means at current prices, 5000 miners of that scale online would bring the rewards to $28 per day if I added it right.

please feel free to add anything/your thoughts

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That is a wild emission mechanic, I can only contemplate if it is to counter act this exact scenario (GPU to ASIC). With other manufacturers entering the fray. It would be interesting to see their efficiencies. If it ends up like KAS, every sequential miner is going to be S tier. With Goldshell’s box miners being their bread and butter for your everyday home miner. I imagine they have a larger model in the works already.