Alibaba Asic Miners

Is anyone still buying through ?
I know there were suppose to stop selling ASICS but they still have a lot of them on there.

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I came here to see the same thing. They have ASICS for half the price other retailers are asking. Seems to good to be true…

you can’t just buy at what they list. you need to contact them and they will give you an updated price list. make sure you go with verified and trade assured sellers. I bought refurbished l3+ in the past and the fan came broken along with 1 broken hashboard.

I have never used alibaba and assumed it was something of a foreign ebay clone. Thanks for the advice, I’ll look more into them and send some inquiries

Best answer…. No

Just say no to ali in general when it comes to mining rigs.

Buy from manufacturers website or trusted website with protection ie eBay and don’t pay in crypto! That is another scam!

If it looks too good to be true it is too good to be true…

Well, except crypto currencies :slight_smile:

I Need Money

I’ve purchased various goods from Alibaba throughout the years but never mining equipment. One lesson I’ve learned is to only purchase through a trusted supplier that’s been verified, as well as have positive reviews. Also any supplier who has a lower than exceptional shipping/delivery rate is not worth it