Alibaba l3++ on its way

So I just got a video from the seller on alibaba showing my l3++ hashing away… unprompted but it does state that it woukd be shipped after 7 days of pmt which is tomorrow… its a dirty old thing but looks like it’s about to make its way to Canada… im looking forward to buying some stuff from the folks on here next time but it looks like I will get something like what I paid for … time will tell

As long as you paid through you should be good. That way your purchase is protected.

There’s a lot of conversation regarding suppliers from Alibaba, and most are rumors that are actually spread by the scammers themselves. Hopefully your order comes through in good shape and on time :+1:t3:

I used visa they had no problem with it

Was the payment submitted through the Alibaba checkout? There’s no guarantee of anything if it’s done outside of the website. Alibaba is flooded with scammers. Be careful

Ya it was… the video was sent without me requesting it so either they put up a real good front or they will be legit… ill be happy once it pays out some coins for me… Ill likely buy a good chunk more once I know this is legit etc but maybe the first one is a test for them too… im realistic… we’ll see

Who did you use?