AltCoin trading

I live in New York, so the only exchanges I have access to are Gemini and Coinbase.
I have mined a ton of altcoins over the years and can’t exchange them.
Is there any place where private trades are done between two people?
I used to just sell and buy altcoins on ebay and never had a problem with that, but they stopped allowing that.

You could use something like tradeogre, It’s no kyc.

Then you can swap some altcoins the support into Bitcoin and send them into the exchange.

I have been eyeing off Bisq for the past few months but have not used it yet, a lot of payment options such as bank, face to face cash, gift cards etc. was concerned about accepting gift cards if they were obtained by a scammer and banks (really gov for tax purposes) if they question why I received payment from someone thousands of km away

Thank you!

I have a whole bunch of coins that seem to be listed on coingeko, but no idea how to sell them. For example: Redcoin (RDD), FeatherCoin and PigeonCoin.
I’d like to sell my entire collection for $10 if anybody is interested, I can send you the whole list.