Always wondered where the pumps came from

So with some recent profit taking and additional income over my monthly needs, I have been dipping my toes into some crypto trading and not just HODL.
Being a US citizen and trying to play the game legally, I am limited on the exchanges I can trade on and therefore, limited on the coins I have access to.
This can really suck when you keep seeing coins do major pumps (and some dump right after).
I always figured there was a coordinated group(s) behind it and it can’t just be Elon Musk Twitter followers. I found a Twitter post today that helped point out one of the groups.
I guess one of the groups uses a Discord server called Big Pump Signal ( and they do coordinated pumps on Binance.

Being US citizen I don’t trade on Binance so I wouldn’t be able to join the pump unless they picked a coin that happened to be on a US based exchange too. I guess they caused GRT to do it’s thing recently. If anyone here does Binance and wants to try that game look them up.