Am I an IDIOT for Not Mining ETC Right Now?!

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has drafted a proposal to move to a new mining algorithm! Will the new miners and new algorithm make ETC a top coin to hold? Am I an idiot for not mining a huge bag right now?! Let’s find out! Subscribe to VoskCoin!

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Once Ethereum moves to Proof of Stake, it will no longer be mineable. Many believe that Ethereum Classic ETC will take its place as the king of mineable coins - but is that even possible? ETC is currently looking at changing to a NEW mining algorithm, the SHA-3 algorithm. What does this mean for ETH and ETC miners, and what does it mean for the price of ETC?

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 ETC will knock off ETH?
01:00 ETC changing algorithm to SHA3
02:00 ETC history
02:31 IOHK backing up Ethereum Classic
04:00 ETC & Eth Statistics
06:25 Ethereum Devs confirm the merge date!
07:00 ETC could be bigger than Bitcoin?
10:30 SHA-3 ePic Blockchain association
13:13 My opinion on SHA-3

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Am I an IDIOT for Not Mining ETC Right Now?!

Whoa on the SHA-3 update. What can be upgraded via firmware for EtHashETC to accommodate to SHA-3, or is that even in the realm of possibilities?

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