AMD RX 5700 vs NVIDIA 1080ti

So I have been doing lots of research trying to find the GPU that will give me the most hash per dollar and also hold some resale value and lastly use an efficient power consumption to be profitable. I was just about to buy my first 1080ti when I thought I better double check and make sure this is the card I want to commit to. That is when I found the AMD RX 5700. From the data I was able to find this card has a better hashrate and costs less. Seems to good to be true I need someone with more experience to tell me why these cards are so much cheaper if they are about the same quality is it just the way AMD and NVIDIA are priced?

I have just bought a brand new AMD RX 5700 on NewEgg with my new line of credit 6 months no interest lol I’ll have it by Wednesday so I’ll get some hands on data I figure why not get a brand new card with a warranty for less than the used card I wanted and see if I like it or not

I am from Brazil, overhere i faced the same situation. The 1080ti gpu is much more expensive, sometimes double the price of the 5700xt. I don´t know where you from but here all the Nvidia gpu cost more than the AMD ones, i can say it because i searched all the gpu`s looking for the most atractive one considering the price, hashrate and energy. I bougth as well the 5700xt, but i am still waiting for it to arrive. Definetly it has a better performance than the 1080ti, theoratically, but the Nvdia can more easily mantain it´s price overtime, being a better choice gpu when you are resselling it!

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Thanks! I was hoping to hear from others on this because I wanted to just buy 5 of them right out the gate but I was too scared to make such a large purchase without more data so I am hoping to get as much input as possible form others before I place another order for more of these AMD cards. I am so excited now I cannot wait for all my new parts to arrive.

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sorry guys for the late reply, but I AM new.

I would go for the 5700xt because of every factor available. Price, cost to run, and profit.

Both cards mine close to the same amount of coin, but the 5700 uses less power, therefore more profits. I have found most of the NVidia cards are power hungry.