Our systems recently identified charges that appear to be unauthorized by the customer, meaning that the owner of the card or bank account did not consent to these payments. This means that we can no longer accept payments for XXXXXXXXX
gues thats waht someone gets for tryn to help ., and i do know who it is on this SITE.

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It’s unbelievable that some so people are willing to sell their soul to save some money! People like that are part of the reason Bitcoin and it’s trustless system has the potential to change the world and fix all that’s wrong with fiat money. Sorry this happened to you brother.

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Sorry to hear about this.

I’m new here and have always wondered why almost nobody excepts cards for these machines. Now I get it.

As a fellow business owner, I feel for you

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and that because i ended up refusing to sell to him cple days ago… lol then another guy like the one last night … and i do this pretty much for free jsut to help… … sad

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Well and to go along with PayPal … this is the reason I dont like to sell on eBAY any longer either on high end items.

I just sold a $38 item 6 days ago. Buyer gets it yesterday in the mail. Today he calls his bank and claims his credit card was stolen and he did not buy the item on ebay. GUESS WHAT on that issue? I texted him since I had his phone number on ebay invoice and told him the item needed programming to work on his car. He acknowledged my text with a YES. Then I even asked if he wanted a piece of race code for his car. He responded no.

So as you can see he just wanted to get out of paying the whole $38 bucks on ebay. Such an idiot to claim he did not do the transaction when he answered my text message.

Just not a good world for sellers these days.

exactly … and this guy CLAIMS the charge was not authorized, THAT HE DID OVER INVOICE over STRIPE of all

Buying and Selling has always been a 2 way transaction folks. Just in the old days it was all about cash. CASH is king.

Now it is protection for no one > CASH APP, ZELLE, Apple Pay, Crypto, and there are a few others. This works for me. If I cannot trust the seller, and he cannot trust me as a buyer… go find a rock to hide under.

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LOL yea… i dont have to sell to anyone… everyones more then welcome to go else where…

A few weeks ago I purchased a miner from Just a Bit of Coin and the process was great! Steven even took his own time to help me get my rig up and running. I thank you

I’m curious…have you ever thought of drafting a sales contract to be signed via DocuSign that you could use to defend yourself in the case of frivolous disputes? I’ve sold a few items over eBay and haven’t been burned. Mostly I’m a buyer, and I like the protections provided by credit cards in case of an unscrupulous seller. It’s a bummer people are abusing the system and messing it up for all the honest people out there.

i do that already … but then they look into the actual transactions. and my company name doesnt help either

Trying to buy crypto with a discover card is a joke

thats easy.
ud use something like cashapp … link ur disc. then addcash to cashap, remove ur cfard, link the one that works goo, then cashaout, then go use the card to buy, or just keep it on cashap, buy the crypto there and send it

Cash app comes up as cash advance tho different limits for some average Joe’s :rofl:

sure if using credit card vs debit

You write like it is so easy to have a contract and mean anything in todays world. As the seller when the deal goes bad for the seller, or even the buyer really too… you have travel to that persons State and City. You have to use their state process to fail a claim.

So lets look at that. I am in Texas. Joe is in New York. Joe sends me a S9J instead of a S19, or just does not send anything. Great I have piece of paper that said I can do something. Yup, I can fly or drive my ass to NYC and file a lawsuit in small claims court for about $500… ( that is what it is in Texas ) … or, I can hire this $5000 lawyer to collect on this $10000 ASIC and then lose more money on the 1.5 years it takes for a court date these days.

Contracts mean nothing but two people word at that moment in time.

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Dude why so hostile? I wasn’t implying a full court lawsuit from someone involved in the deal, I meant to provide to the credit card issuer or PayPal as evidence that you held up your side of the deal. Card companies investigate claims. If someone acted fraudulently against the credit card company, they have all the resources to pursue it in whichever state the party resides.

How you read it made it hostile. it is the internet you know.

And I was more talking about seller recourse, since they’re the one’s starting to refuse credit cards due to ease of chargebacks through CC companies. It would also work from the buyer side to support your claim…the contract plus a photo of the incorrect product supports it. With other payment methods, only the buyer can get screwed once their money is gone.

to be honest, ive done contracts, sales of goods, etc, even ones stating NO CHARGE BACKS CUST> ACCEPTS UNCONDITIONALLY. but still… like companies dont even read it mostly