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Hi miners! I made a Professional Mining Calculator with real Mineable Market Data .

I’m into mining since early 2017 and i had to fight with the existing tools in order to find the information that i need.
In my opinion, the issue with the current calculators/index is that they don’t show us relevant mineable and market data mixed together,
forcing us going through many websites. So i expend the last year building this tool with another 3 developers working on it,
lots of hours and iterations has been made on MiningExplorer.io in order to give a professional tool for the community.

Unique Mining Data:

  • Global Mineable Market Capitalization
  • Global Mineable Volumen
  • BTC Dominance in the Mineable Market
  • GPU & ASIC Currencies listed together. Now you can see all the mineable coins in one single listing!

There are so many features into the website that you will find really useful,
just take a look and every advice/bug report will be appreciate!

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i really hope you guys like the site :slight_smile:

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dude! nice job I only messed around with it for a few minutes but so far its pretty cool

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Very nice calculator but it lacks some information that I like to see. Here are a few thoughts.

  • the hashrate plot is nice, but I would rather see the actual value. both would be sweet.
  • the network difficulty value/% change would be nice to see
  • I like seeing the block reward and block time because it shows whether the calculator is up to date
  • Not critical but it would be nice to display daily reward in BTC too
  • the AMD GPUs listed are extremely outdated. The newest one is over 3 years old.
  • there is no option for averaging exchange prices
  • add NiceHash. I usually like to mine the coin directly but sometimes NiceHash profits are so much
    higher I can’t ignore them.
    -there is something strange about the pool fee and power cost fields. If the whole value is highlighted, you can’t type a new value. It just puts whatever you type to the left of it.

If you really want to differentiate your calculator from whattomine, recreate their GPU profitability rankings with more accurate information. A toggle between stock configuration and best known modded hashrates/power consumption would be absolutely badass. Being able to override the standard hashrate and power would work but only experienced people will know what to enter there. I think a lot of new people make bad GPU choices based on that website.

Thanks MeatyMouse! It means a lot for me :slight_smile:

Hi bick0012 thank you a lot for the feedback! :open_mouth:

  • If you go into a single currency page you can actually see the hashrate values, but i will implement a popup on the graph to show the current value.
  • You can see the difficulty into the single currency page, i had to decide between hashrate or difficulty in the home page, i think hashrate is more interesting for us miners.
  • You can also see the block reward an block time into the single currency page. Because of space i can not fill more columns in the home page, thats why you can see the 24h reward, which is result of b.reward and b.time
  • I take that, maybe in the future i show de btc reward in the home page, btw you can check it into the single currency page.
  • You are right, the GPU lineup is a bit outdated, i will add more new AMD gpus, the problem is to find the hashrates on every algorithm, but i will do it.
  • Can you explain me this better what you mean by averaging exchange prices? Now you can select specific exchanges to calculate the rewards.
  • Nicehash will be added to the listing, but it needs specific develop, i’m working on it.
  • Yeah, im depurating some UX issues right now.

Again, im so glad that you take your time to review the site, your claims will be reviewed by developing team :slight_smile:

I just wish you had my GPU on your list I mine with AMD RX 5700’s