Annminer and apextominer legit sellers?

Does someone know if they are legit?

If they are not, any recommended sellers in Europe? Thanks

Please provide the links for them. As many scam sites have similar domains/ urls.

Wasn’t sure if I could post links:

They both have some relatively good prices for S19s compared to other reputable sites.

Not dealt with annminer and never heard of them, but have used a number of times.

I would not use Annminer there red flags on there web page d7 are more money then the d9 so in lame in terms they don’t update there web page huge red flag plus they are under most reseller another red flag


Thanks! That gives me more confidence. Which payment method did you use?

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Yep… But it’s a “trusted vendor” in both and I guess that doesn’t mean much though :joy:

Yea don’t trust them. The other is legit but your still buying from China so there import fees. I prefer badgerlandcrypto or kaboomracks. @badgerlandcrypto is a regular here and has a great reputation here


Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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While apexto is technically a reputable seller, they have recently become more of a scammer, I would be extremely careful dealing with any of them. They will claim to have inventory but they don’t actually have access to it, or they will claim to be securing a large pre-order, but then don’t secure it and will hold your funds just to refund them when the machines are released, reselling the machines for more profit. You may consider DCE or Emminence-top, as long as it’s a currently available machine you’re looking for they can be good to deal with.

Apologies for the late reply. I wired a percentage over and then wired the balance nearer the time it was despatched.