Another Crazy Day on the Bitcoin Mining Farm!

It’s another crazy day on the VoskCoin Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm! A power outage knocked out our entire mining operation deleting our passive income… let’s check on the digital shovel minipod, HDD shed, and immersion shed and try to get this mining rigs back online! I am also mining in my garage again lol! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Every day is a busy day at VoskCoin HQ! We just had a power outage, so let’s run through the Digital Shovel pod, the liquid-cooled immersion mining shed, and the HDD Chia Mining shed and see how everything is doing! While running a mining farm is fairly hands-off when everything is set up, there are some checks that we like to do fairly often, especially after a power outage.

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Crazy day at my Bitcoin mining farm!
00:55 VoskCoin dream garage is almost finished!
05:55 Troubleshooting my Bitcoin miners
08:05 HDD Mining Shed update
13:34 Immersion Mining Shed update
16:34 My Bitcoin miners have a problem…
18:16 Kaspa Mining HQ update
20:35 VoskCoin mining farm update

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Another Crazy Day on the Bitcoin Mining Farm!

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