Another Crypto Lender BANKRUPTCY - What Happened to Voyager VGX

Voyager is a cryptocurency lending and borrowing platform, or, they were, until 3 Arrows Capital blew up and they went bankrupt. FTX led by SBF Sam Bankman-Fried stepped in to bail Voyager out of their bankruptcy, but now FTX has gone bankrupt as well… Subscribe!

Direct link to Voyager -
Direct link to the Voyager bankruptcy filing - Voyager Digital Holdings, Inc., et al.

Voyager went bankrupt in July of this year, and brought their VGX crypto token down with them. Shortly thereafter, SBF and FTX offered to purchase the company in order to assist with the liquidity crisis. However, it has now been revealed that FTX was one of the biggest ponzi schemes in financial history. What does all of this mean for Voyager and their crypto platform? Will the users ever be able to see their funds again? Let’s take a deeper look into the situation and see what may lie ahead for Voyager and those affected by the FTX scam.

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00:00 Voyager crypto went bankrupt
00:58 Voyager will not be sold to FTX
02:04 What was Voyager?
03:55 BlockFi Team page removed
04:34 The downfall of Voyager
07:03 Why FTX wanted to buy Voyager
08:10 Will Binance buy Voyager?
07:53 FTX - the biggest Ponzi in history
09:48 My experience with Celsius & CeFi Platforms
13:00 Time to be kind with others in crypto!

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Another Crypto Lender BANKRUPTCY - What Happened to Voyager VGX

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