Another expensive lesson - Ipollo V1 Mini

I bought the Ipollo V1 mini classic Plus and non plus bundle back in June - as it cost less than the V1 mini classic plus single unit I’d bought a few weeks earlier and I wanted to get more hashrate spread over a lower per unit capital cost. The DAG size is looming on those.
The new V1 Mini Classic Plus was hashing at half speed when I got it. They sent me a new firmware and it went back to spec. I haven’t looked much at what those units have been hashing and 2Miners don’t keep records on that.
So I saw that ETC/ZIL combo mining is possilble on these, so I got the new firmware and 2 are working fine. This one that was broken when I got it is broken again. Just been dealing with Ipollo now and did an Anydesk session. One hasboard is dead. Unit is out of it’s 180 day warranty. Despite the fact that one hashbosrd wasn’t working when I got it.
I ordered it 197 days ago, I’ve had it 168 days. So it’s out of it’s 180 day warranty based on how they count it. It’ll probably cost $300 NZD to ship it to a repair centre (thats what a Goldshell costs to send to HK) and they’re saying maybe $700USD to repair.
If I roll it back to the previous firmware it will get about 100MHs at 180W, so worse than the non-plus unit - and it can’t ETC/ZIL mine on that firmware.
So sucks for me - maybe go check your ipollo machines are running to spec before the warranties run out…

I found my FedEx deliery confirmation and Ipollo are sorting me out under warranty.
Thanks Ipollo. Feeling much happier about that now.