Another Scammer out $30K

Hey guys, scammers are getting better and they don’t quit. I received a reply from a comment also, but was so excited (like most) didn’t notice the name didn’t have a gray background but did have the verified checkmark. The scammer did a great job talking like Vosk, he must watch every video (which is good for the youtube channel) because he talks very much like Drew. The person would just engage in idle chat, nothing alarming or pushing anything. Eventually are talking got to the point when we were talking about ASIC’s and all the scams out there (ironic). Then the scammer mentioned that he has ordered from Crypo miner bros and that he trusts them because they are an affiliate of Red Panda Mining. He provided a link to some of the new ASIC’s that were available for preorder, the A11 for June batch. Now I know of Crypt miner bros and they seem to be a legit seller so I didn’t think twice about it. Went to the site, made my preorder and continued to chat back and forth. I did have good communication with “miner bros” at first with updates. I started to get suspicious because of the conversations with fake Drew started to get shorter and wouldn’t be responding as detailed to our previous emails. I logged into the “miner bros” site and noticed there was nothing in my orders section. I emailed them and they said they have to update the orders once the batches were confirmed. Then I got an email and checked the site and my order showed in the site.
After a while I got an email from someone from the Vosk community saying that he noticed I got a reply from a comment and told me to be careful because he was scammed. I heart sank, I went back and decided to goto the “miner bros” site and then google chrome said are you sure you want to goto this address, did you mean I was confused because I thought that is what I have been using. Looked at the link very carefully and then there it was, and extra “s” in the link.
Then I started to look at all the treads and finally saw a message that someone posted quoting Vosk saying Voskcoin does not communicate via gmail. Man…if only I would have saw that sooner or paid really close attention to the site address. I can tell you the site is a pretty good replica but after going back and really checking it, there are signs that will stand out. Specially if you goto the real site.
So, be careful my friends, I lost $30K of savings. Below is some info from the scammer.

Fake Crypto Miner Bros Site:
Real site:



I’m devastated this happened to you w/ a scammer impersonating us – I’m really sorry and we will work even harder on our awareness campaign about these scumbags.


Sorry to hear that man, I had a friend lose all his life savings on a cloudmining exit scam. Whenever I get a random message from someone I don’t know, I automatically go to

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how about reporting on the Linzhi scam? they are taking $14,000 orders and not delivering units
I ordered one and got ripped off

I too got ripped off to the tune of $3400 AUD…Following several emails back and forth from someone claiming to be Drew (and the emails seemed VERY realistic). This was through a gmail account I now realise is false. The latest email from them suggested I buy a refurbished A10 miner from After payment to them I received an email saying it will be dispatched in next few weeks, and that I could get more of the same refurbished miners at a discount of 15%. I very nearly purchased 3 more before seeing this post and realising I had been RIPPED OFF !!!

I’m sorry this happened to you.

Can you comment on if without the extra s is legit?

I ordered one 7/3 and they have yet to ship. They have been responding but their reason for delays is because they are testing and making videos on my devices.

Seems a little odd right?

Did your order ever ship?

We do not work with them and cannot recommend them

I did eventually get my order…

are the miners in a good condition? I´ve seen a lot of people saying the receive dead or almost dead miners from

Also is a scam. Never received miner, out $7,000.

Man I HATE hearing this! It can happen to anyone, there getting so good it.
Really sorry this happened to you.

Amazon sells ASIC’s, I know on regular merchandise there return policies are pretty good.