Ant miner L7 Updates

The Ant miner L7s were supposed to be out this month. Has anyone seen any updates such as if any have been shipped or will ship soon?

Two weeks ago, my L7 reseller said that he was still expecting shipment by end of November. It’s now end of November and it’s been crickets since. I figure that I’ll ping him again after Thanksgiving for an update.

Another reseller that I deal with has said that L7 shipments are behind by roughly a month. So Nov units ship in Dec and Dec units to ship in Jan. Irritating (especially since I paid a bit more for the Nov rig) but apparently issue is on Bitmain’s end plus just some general DHL and Fedex shipment issues out of HK.

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Yeah, I’ve heard the same thing. Mainly Bitmain was late on the z15s so that is screwing up our shipments.