Anti-static precautions when cleaning asics

Hi all, I am wondering what the consensus is here about using ant-static mats/wrist straps when cleaning ASICS. My L7 is in dire need of cleaning but I can’t find my old anti-static field kit which is most frustrating. Do you seasoned veterans use anti-static kits or forgo them when cleaning ASICS?

i dont have any experience doing that, but i know ifixit has those anti static paraphernalia.

I ordered one of those yesterday. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow (Mon). The funny is, I once worked on computer installations worth a fortune and I always used anti-static precautions, but if I never had a mat probably wouldn’t worry too much. But now I’m playing with something that cost me near on $16 of my own cash ha ha.

Thanks for your input

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I would say go more on the on the side of caution than not.
some of these miners are $19,000 +
yes its kinda limiting and a pain. but id rather that than have to get it repaired or replaced.

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That’s what I wanted to here. Just frustrating having it switched off earning no cash. Many thanks