Bizobest ebay who on ebay have pictures of miners that have their “business card” shown that says Bizobest are selling miners that are extremely hard to get for 1/2 of what everyone is selling them for. It absolutely sounds too good to be true and I would say it’s 100% a scam. BUT, has anyone ordered from them before and received what they paid for?

Their website is very simple, the domain was registered in 2018 but has never had any content on it until what seems like recently. I called the phone number in their picture 628-666-4478 and supposedly they’re from New York, USA. When I called the number there was a guy who sounded half dazed, obviously not legit professional sales rep, and simply told me to go to their website to look at stock and prices.

This post is either to help others not get scammed unless someone has had a legit experience with them.

Here’s a pic from their ebay listing

They have their address on their website. It’s a Jiffy Lube.
Prices are too good to be true.
Smells very fishy


Thanks for sharing. I hate scammers