Antminer E3 missing chains/gpus

Damn, my Antminer E3 dropped other 2 chains, this is so pathetic, I can’t find any information anywhere on how to troubleshoot to or repair these. Wondering if this is happening to anyone else and more importantly were you able to reestablish any of the missing chains?


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You tried re-flashing the firmware?

Yes, flashed them last week and have been running fine however all of them have always had missing chains but one in particular I noticed today was hashing 70 ~ 90mh/s and after checking the console I notices two chains had 0 mh/s so I cycled the power and when it came back up of course the were gone. I have seen this happen to several of these devices over the time that I have had them but have never found any information anywhere as to how to deal or fix them, just cant see myself being the only person anywhere to experience this :-\

I am not familiar with this model does each chain reference a hash board or are there more chains than boards?

I am wondering if it is similar to my L3 where each board had one chain and each board had its own set of 6 pin connectors from the PSU maybe the connectors have gone bad and those boards aren’t getting power that or something is wrong with your controller board (not sure that model has one) on my L3 there was main controller board that the ethernet wire went into this board was like the motherboard or main control center for the other boards.

There are three hash boards with a pair of custom bitmain gpu looking chips under the heatsink, likely fpga’s? Probably will just tear into a few of them and swapping parts around to try and isolate the bad parts and just be rid of the duds. Here is a youtube teardown of the E3

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That is what I would do just so I could learn more and start narrowing down wtf is going on inside of those things lol

Well, finally started tearing into them and its been time consuming trying to understand how these work but slowly sorting things out.

So far I have figured out that these e3’s missing chains can be caused by (a) bad hash board or (b) bad processor which is mounted to the hash board among the usual parts such as the signaling cable and controller board.

So, I’m finding some rigs with bad hash boards, bad processors, and some with both so now that I can figure out whats what I have just started cannibalizing parts from the bad rigs and restoring the remaining rigs to 100%. Time consuming AF but going to be nice once get them done. I’ll try posting some pic’s from the process which will probably seem caveman-ish to to someone with electronics skills.

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have you got any rigs back up and running at 100% yet or are you waiting to bring them all online at once?

Yes, I started returning the fixed ones back to the farm today and their performing great!! Sucks that they were engineered so poorly in the first place but really happy to figured this out. What really sucks is that some of my e3’s literally started dropping chains weeks/months after arriving and I never had the time to troubleshoot or return them for service (Well I did a few times but the turnaround was horrible so I just let them continue running as is). I’m still testing out processors but so far I’m finding a lot of them are still good meaning it was just the hashing boards that failed and not the procs. :+1:


that’s really cool bro, the real learning always begins when things aren’t working as they are supposed to be and we gotta learn the hard way. I am glad you figured it out I know that is a good feeling.