Antminer HS3 won't connect to dxpool

So I just got my Antminer HS3 today, was trying to set it up, and it was being all kinds of a pain. Couldn’t get it to connect to dxpool or Nicehash (sorry for those who hate Nicehash). It just kept saying abnormal network status, except oddly enough it was saying the pool status on Nicehash was normal, but still wouldn’t mine. I finally setup an account with f2pool, and pow, it’s now working. Any ideas as to what the problem with those other pools are? I know I put the pool info in correctly as I have several other asics, some even connected to dxpool.

hmm that’s weird. I use nicehash but mostly just because they have lightning widthdraws.

I’ve had great experience with ANTPOOL for my HS3s vs other pools