Antminer L3+ Blissz Firmware Tuning

Hello folks,

I’m currently running blissz firware on my L3+ miners with a frequency range of 400 + voltage of 6 and seeing about 523 MH/s with minimal hardware errors.

I’m trying to be efficient with mining while using less power but not 100% familiar with tuning on these machines.

Anybody care to share there tuning specs? So i can find that perfect sweet spot lol.

As always any advice or help is greatly appreciated from the Vosk community!!!


I recently switched to HiveOn firmware. I get 100 to 200 more hash using less power tuning each chip individually. Bliss applies the same settings across all chips. One of my hash boards had one chip that would not work past 397. Once I installed HiveOn I set that one chip to a frequency it could handle and all the rest of the 71 chips are 450 plus. Some over 500. all using less power then bliss. The 1.8% dev fee is worth it for the amount of extra hash I get. There’s also this firmware but I haven’t tried it. AntMiner L3+ / L3++ alternative firmware manual download
I’m getting a consistant 2.5ghs out of 4 L3+s using 4000 watts
Hope this helps.