Antminer L3+ - Get [1]Temp Data Failed!

Hello, I Need please help after a 1 hours stop hashing anyone had this issue before?

Your miner is overheating. Try to put in better fans and see if that helps or in a cooler area/room. Try to find which hash board is crashing. Disconnect the board if lowering the temperature doesn’t help.

Umm the room that I have the niner the temperature is Around 70-85 I order new fans already. The hash board always show all 000000 they are let’s see when I get new fan if that fix the issue thanks

Hello, I still change the fans and still give me the Temp Data Failed it will stop Hashing for 1 hours please help thanks.

I get the Temp Data Failed! on all 4 of my miners but they hash just fine. I don’t think its causing yours to not work. triple check the pool address. make sure there isn’t a space at the beginning or end. Make sure your worker IDs are exact. Check your router settings and make sure the router isn’t blocking bitcoin mining. My router has an AI protection setting that when enabled blocks all bitcoin mining connections.

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Hello, thanks for your help out no-were now is working good I do have minerstat I set up to reboot when goes in inactive. It did reboot 5 times and now is running well.

If you have more problems in the future I have found that unplugging the miner from the wall to reboot it works much better then rebooting from the firmware. Also if the overclock is to high for the boards the miner will reboot on its own. Just have to step it down till it no longer restarts.

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i agree with you