Antminer L3 vender/seller

Looking for a brand new, not opened, not used Antminer L3 504 Mh with a reasonable price.

What’s a reasonable price to you? Price is “relative”. What’s reasonable to you may not be reasonable to others.

I hate to say it, but you won’t find one. That model is old, and they’ve all been used. If you do find one new you might as well keep it new and sell it in 10 years as a “Mint” condition collectible.

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Are there actual antminers that are collectibles? never heard of one before.

Just speculation, but I’m sure give it enough time and there will be a collector or two out there. There’s already collectors for other types of electronics.

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Do you have any info about ( whether they are legit or not? Thanks.

Bought an L3 from them a few months ago. Had an issue with one of the hash boards and was sent a replacement board after talking with support in a very short time. Replacement parts seem to be located in NY. Pretty happy with the company.

great, thanks.