Antminer L7 8800MH

Antminer L7 8800MH 3168W available in Hongkong and shipping on April 24-30.
Unit price $4850. There are still 20 pcs available.

Are they used? Im just trying to understand why everyone is offloading their L7’s and for decent prices.

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Possibly 3 things
1: on Bitmains website they are auctioning off L7s, so perhaps their bids were accepted real cheap
2: Another manufacturer called Lokotech claims to be releasing a miner that’s way more efficient, I think it’s bullshit but that’s my opinion, nothing is concrete facts until they prove it and ship it to customers
3: perhaps Bitmain is offloading the last of L7s because maybe they have made another efficient scrypt miner


all 3 :slight_smile:


Lokotech claims that new S1 miner will be 437% more efficient then L7 9,5 G… so that is that maybe L7 now will be bad buy

Hello. This is the batch ready to deliver at end of April, namely from 24th to 30th in April.
It will be delivered to our warehouse in Hongkong by Bitmain. Of course they are new miners.
Thanks for inquiry again.

Yeap. Bitmain is going to auction off L7 9050MH in hours.

it is better to wait new miners… L7 will be very very cheap then…

The L9 is coming this fall. 16.2G at 3250ish watts.


I have a feeling that the original L9 launched with get around 22 gigahash. And over the months and years, keep releasing slightly better models like they did with the L7, until they can reach 28 gigahash.

My man thanks for the info. So really if I’m understanding correctly, if Bitmain released 5,000 miners for 10 months the network hashrate would double, so it would be a safe bet to assume profit (in terms of coins received not $) will half in 18 months, this is the real Litecoin halving lol


The L9 will be hitting the market soon

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