Antminer L7 vs Goldshell KD2 vs BM-K1+

I am wondering if you could perhaps assist me with some advise. I have been having a look at Crypto mining for a few months now and am interested in getting one of the following mining machines. Either the Antminer L7 or the Goldshell KD2 or the BM-K1+

I’m trying to keep the spend under $ 21 000

What do you recommend? and is there possibly any reliable suppliers or resellers you can recommend. I have been dealing with Jconwell and Marineking from China are they reliable ?

The prices for the K1+ are very attractive right now but I myself am going more heavy in L7. They are A LOT more stable than KDA and the ROI is adequate right now for the markets. But if you are looking for a little bit more risk than the k1 Plus would be just that


Hi Carl, thank you for your insight. I really appreciate it.

What reliable suppliers do your recommend?


Fastminer just posted this via telegram,

We are very pleased to share with the world the launch of K-300 also known as KD300 :fire::hammer_and_pick:
This ASIC Kadena $KDA miner is expected to have the Hash Power of 26.9TH/s, however we are trying to push it to 28.9TH/s @ 2600Watts. Batch 1 of :one::three::zero::zero: units will be a pre-order sales, will be announced in 1-2 weeks and will be priced around 23,000$! Half the price of a KD6! :exploding_head: :information_source:We all know you need answers, all details will be shared soon, before pre-sale with you! Detailed specs​:clipboard:, noise, warranty shipping questions… Wait for the moment and you will get you answer. Thank you for your support and make part of this History! :rocket:

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There are many, I have ordered from Ann at Apexto in China and also I ordered from Martin with desertvalleyasics.

Interested! I will look into this!

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Date when they will officially announce details on their KD300…

14th of may when we reveal, and 6-7 days after that is the public pre-sale. Shipping ETA is August

Ok cool. I will reach out to them. Have you ever heard of Jconwell ?

I spoke to summer there.

Which company produced the kd300 you mentioned ?Goldshell ?I took the goods directly from the factory and didn’t even hear about it